Friday, March 25, 2011

The Hub in the wheel of Truth

"The Gospel isn't the first step in a stairway of Truth.  It is more like the hub in a wheel of truth." -Pastor Tullian

I just want to discuss my growth in grace and knowledge of Jesus.  This quote sums up what has been a big reason for the power in it.  I grew up in a Baptist church where the gospel was mainly talked about towards the end of the sermon on Sundays.  It was used as an "altar call" for non believers.  The gospel was preached as the answer for Christians at conversion and then you grew in your Walk to deeper things that were tough to understand.  Over the years, through learning about God's grace and more about Jesus' sacrifice for our sins, God has shown me the truth of the importance of a gospel-centered focus.  This goes for everything from sermons to alone bible reading to our prayer life and daily life, the gospel applies.
The gospel (Jesus' life, what he did on the Cross for us as sinners, being Risen, and sitting at the right hand of God) is more than just what you believe to be saved.  It is what grows us deeper in our knowledge of God.  The answer is not accept the gospel at conversion and then please God with your works and daily life. The gospel frees us to be ourselves as we live for God's Glory.  The answer is to accept the freely given Grace in salvation, and then grow in that to the truth that you are already accepted and righteous to God because of what Jesus has done.  Grace alone and Christ alone for our salvation and justification.  A gospel-centered, Christ-focused heart, awakened by the Holy Spirit, is the only way to become truly in love with Christ.  When you realize this and hunger for it, you get that Joy in the supremacy of Christ we were created for.  The gospel should and can be applied to all parts of our life.  Pray that God stirs in you to a deeper knowledge of all that the Gospel has accomplished.  I pray God continues to keep me going and growing in Him as I long for more of the gospel everyday.

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