Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to the Grand Tour by Mitch

I'm excited.  Welcome to my new blog, The Grand Tour by Mitch.  My goal in this will be to give you a tour of my life, my opinions, my thoughts on issues of the day.  These issues will be on Christian Theology, my family life, political issues, sports, and music (mainly country).  I want to use this blog to relate the most important thing in my life, The Gospel of Jesus, to the issues and subjects I am most interested in.  This will not only be an entertaining read for those interested, but will also be beneficial in my Walk.  Expect a lot of posts about my wonderful wife and kids.  They are the center of my life on earth and the biggest part of my everyday life.  My career in baseball should also take a front and center look on this blog.  After spending ten years in the Orioles organization, I have a lot of experience and insight to throw into subjects in Major League Baseball.  I am a conservative when dealing with Government and Politics, so expect some strong opinions on heated discussion in our country today.  I expect a number of posts to get my creative juices going.  These will be trying to relate the Gospel to current and classic country music hits.  I reckon I better start off with George Jones' The Grand Tour since I borrowed the title for this blog.  Coming soon...

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