Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Everything good and noble in our world should magnify Jesus' name.  I think Memorial Day does that in many ways.  It is a picture of what Jesus did for us out of unconditional love. Fighting a war for freedom is exactly what Jesus did on the Cross.  He finished the war and won it on that day.
Soldiers have been a picture of this unconditional nature by risking and/or giving their lives so that we can have and keep our freedoms here in the United States.  I think those who risked their life deserve just as much praise as the ones that gave their life.  So to anyone who reads this, that knows God spared them, I thank you just as much.  I want to use this post to share another blog post I read on the subject.  It is very well written and makes some tremendous points.  Let's keep Memorial Day something that these men and women deserve and earned. Enjoy.

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