Monday, May 7, 2012

Explaining the "Pitching the Gospel" title

Welcome to Pitching the Gospel

So I decided to come up with a new name for my blog, something more representative of how I have been using my writing on here.  I initially wanted to use the blog to bring the truths of the gospel to lyrics from songs I liked or relate it to situations from sports or scenes in movies.  Beyond the first two posts, I wasn’t really led in that direction while writing my entries.  I have used it more of a place to comment on what, through the Spirit, I am learning about my relationship and standing with God through Jesus Christ.  In that sense, I am “pitching” gospel truths on here.  Not a "sales pitch" because the gospel is so much more than that.  The gospel should never be reduced to that because the Holy Spirit doesn't need a salesman's help.  Jesus' life and grace does make you want to tell people about them though.  I pray that I am "singing His praises" on this blog, on pitch musically speaking and in line with Scripture.  Also, I hope to be "delivering" the truth of God's Word.  A clever play on words since I spent a long time in baseball pitching my heart out.  I hope to pitch my heart out again in a fresh and new way.  
I’ve heard it said that we should tell people about the Gospel so that they wish it were true and then show them that it is!  I hope to do that on here because I believe God’s grace and mercy is more awesome and radical than we even know.  There is also a quote from Charles Spurgeon that I love.  He was asked by someone, “Now that I know this truth, how do I defend the Gospel?”  His answer was great, “The Word of God is like a Lion.  You don’t have to defend a lion.  All you have to do is let the lion loose and it will defend itself.”  God’s Word is so powerful and His Holy Spirit and sovereignty cannot be stopped.  There is no part of our life or relationships where the gospel isn’t the answer.  If you struggle with something personal, apply a picture of God’s grace to it.  You will be wrecked afresh.  My first example would go back to my career in baseball.  I did not get a chance in the big leagues.  I was disappointed.  I have doubted myself, if I gave it all I had or wondered if I could have done something different to make that last promotion happen.  I also felt like I needed that validation for my hard work and that recognition from my peers.  When I apply the Gospel to that, I have no questions.  Any validation, recognition, love, or accomplishment I think I missed out on I have in my relationship with Jesus and standing with God.  By Grace alone, I have been made an heir of God’s kingdom and been given Christ’s righteousness.  Would a few years in the big leagues or not have changed any of that?  No sir.  That is what it means to cling to the Cross.  It is all we need.  Accomplishments and blessings here on earth are freely given by God anyway.  When you don’t like your situation then you are ultimately questioning God’s work in your life.  He will have you where He wants you.  As sinful men and women we will always struggle in these areas of doubt, disappointment and unbelief, but through continued reminders of the gospel we always keep the focus on Jesus and His grace for us.  This is always the answer that the Holy Spirit eventually teaches us in every situation.  Run to Jesus, who accomplished all you will ever need.  And that is my Pitch for today.  Amen!   

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